@virtualwolf @gregatron5 I have enough Lightning cables to last the rest of my natural life.

@gregatron5 I upgraded from a 12 Pro Max, mostly to hand it down to a kid. I would not do a single-iteration upgrade these days… UNLESS you use the camera a lot.

Capturing the “deep purple” is difficult but I did a decent job here (11 Pro shot)

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Trying out the 14 Pro Max camera the last couple of days. It’s impressive. The level of detail it captures is crazy good for a phone.

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Oilist for iOS makes some pretty neat abstract-y art, and/or iPhone backgrounds.

The Space Needle at sunset with the moon directly overhead, as a topper, is a crowd pleaser.

Going to Kerry Park at dusk to photograph downtown, Mt. Rainier, and the Space Noodle, er, Needle is a huge tourist attraction. There's good reasons for it.

Hard to remember Green Lake's smack-dab inside the city, while you're there. Wonderful retreat. There's a 3-mile loop around the whole thing.

Green Lake is a beautiful stroll. Almost meditative.

Forgot to thread properly. Oh well. Here's a squirrel at the local park who DGAF about humans. DGAF aided by the full application of a 50-140mm zoom.

Tell me this isn't a videogame setting, I dare you.

Went to visit the "Seattle Spheres", aka the "Amazon Spheres", aka "Bezos' Balls". Stunning architecture that could very well be a Mars colony.

Pictures from stomping around Seattle follow.

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