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FedEx Logic: Ship across the continent by ground, $9.93

Ship across the continent faster, on an airplane: $9.28.

I guess I'll go with the cheaper AND better option, then.

Slowly, very slowly working my way through Crafting Interpreters.

The Seattle Public Library could be the setting for a scifi film. Should be,.

That lens' softness and the color rendering of a Fujifilm camera give images a bit of a surrealist quality I absolutely adore

Also been playing with a TTArtisan 35mm f/1.4

Taking pictures manually again is a pleasure.

Still dealing with &(#^%(#^% hard drive failures`

Going down again to reinstall an older drive to keep redundancy. The stupid (new) Seagate IronWolf drive was throwing thousands of errors per second. RMA’d.

The server’s array has a failing hard drive so I’m having to take it offline for repairs intermittently. New drives on the way. Sigh.

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